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 Our Ministries reflect our Life in Christ.

Therefore we:

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These are four traditional commissions under spiritual guidance of Parish Pastoral Council.

 One of Our Featured Ministry is Music Ministry:

St Peter Damian Music Ministry is an exciting and joyful place to belong.  It is the ministry to join at St Peter Damian to meet old friends or make new ones, sing or play songs, inspire others and be inspired while having a great time. 

What does it take to belong to this wonderful ministry?  From young to young-at-heart, male or female, if you can read words, want to serve the church, are able to commit a little time and effort, and love to sing, there is a place for nearly everyone in the music ministry.  Children’s and Adult Choirs, One Voice Contemporary Ensemble and the Teen Band each typically rehearse around once a week or so, and usually sing at mass once or twice a month, depending on the group. 

Do you play a musical instrument?  We may have a space for you, too!…Experienced guitar, string, woodwind , brass or percussion players from intermediate level and up are welcome to inquire and come see what we are about. 

If this dynamic ministry is of interest to you, please contact us for more information. 

Our goal is to rouse participation during the liturgy, and along the way, we have a great time together.  We get excited and inspired, and hope to excite and inspire others too!  We are here to encourage our assembly to participate more fully in the liturgy, where heaven and earth meet in the most profound way.

Interested?  Please check out the music ministry!


To foster in the liturgy, the full and active participation of the faithful through singing.


Assist the whole praying assembly in its worship through song or recited prayer.


Cantor:  Must have a level of competency and knowledge of music that will lead the assembly well, and enhance the liturgy.
Choir or Ensemble: Must be able to sing in a group and accept the task of encouraging and supporting the assembly.
Musician:  Possess a level of competence to enhance worship by leading, guiding and supporting the congregation’s singing.

A dedicated individual who actively demonstrates the music minister’s role as a support to congregational singing.


Weekly rehearsals, weekend and/or special liturgies and personal practice time.


Adult choir, Children’s Choir, One Voice Contemporary Ensemble, Teen Band.