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August 30, 2015 - Blessing of our new Church Sanctuary and consecration of the new Altar  [Return to gallery]

On the 30th of August in the year 2015 St. Peter Damian finished the renovations on the main church's sanctuary. After many months of hard work all the efforts finally came together to create a beautiful new environment for the parishioners to come and worship. The team running the renovations, lead by Father Walter Takuski, worked tirelessly through our summer months until the day Bishop George Rassas would come to Consecrate the Altar and Bless the New Sanctuary. In this album is the mass that was held at 7:45 am on August 30, 2015. With the help of Deacon Ron Yorkis and Father Walter Takuski, Bishop Rassas was able to welcome St. Peter Damian and her followers into the new home for worship.

Just a close up of the sanctuary before mass
Here is a picture of the procession of the altar services with the Bishop, Father Walter and the Lectors.
Cantor and Lector
Our Music Director Michele Nanto and one of our Lectors Desi Hanford assisting with the mass
Desi Hanford giving the Lector verses
Reading from the book
With the help of our altar servers Emily and Anthony, Deacon Ron Yorkis holds the sacred book for all to see. Michele is in the background singing joyful tunes in preparation for the reading from the holy gospel. For those not seen, our awesome altar servers Dominic, David and Matthew are patiently waiting in the side lines.
Bishop, Priest and Deacon
Father Walter is preparing the relic for its placement in the altar.
The Priest, Bishop and Deacon placing of the Relic
Father Walter can be seen placing the sacred relic into the altar as Bishop Rassas says the blessing. Deacon Ron Yorkis overseeing the process
Placing the Relic
More photographs of the placing of the sacred relic into the altar.
Bishop reading
Here is Bishop Rassas reading from the holy gospel
Bishop and Deacon
The Bishop Rassas and Deacon Ron continuing the mass for the blessing of the Sanctuary.
Bishop, Priest and Deacon
The Bishop Rassas, Father Walter, and Deacon Ron continue the mass to bless the new place of worship
Bishop Rassas is continuing the blessing of our new altar, with the observing Deacon Ron and Father Walter.
Bishop, Deacon and Altar Servers
Here Bishop Rassas, and Deacon Ron await the gifts. The ever patient altar servers Matthew, Anthony and Emily await alongside Bishop Rassas while David and Dominic stay alongside Father Walter.
Bishop, Priest and Deacon
Bishop Rassas is seen here using the book to speak the Prayers of the Faithful with the assistance from Father Walter and Deacon Ron
Speech done for the parishioners
Seen here Michele is listening intently to Rich Paulsen in his speech to the parishioners