Lifelong Faith Formation

Junior High


Be My Disciples---Grade 7   Christ Reveals God’s Mystery


Christ Reveals God’s Mystery provides students with an awareness of God’s Revelation in Jesus Christ.  This text book will help young people to participate more fully in the worship of the whole community.  They want help making connections to what they already know about their faith and this text will teach, reinforce and extend the knowledge of Scripture and Doctrine.  These young people will grow in knowledge, connect with faith and their experiences, and practice the skills of discipleship.







Chosen---1st Year Confirmation (Grade 8)


Chosen is a two yearprogram that is designed to guide teens through every step of the sacramental preparation for Confirmation.  This catechesis is done through a plug and play video and student workbook combination that is both engaging and rich.  Chosen is designed to lead candidates into a deeper relationship with Christ.  Candidates will encounter Jesus Christ in the sacraments, in the teachings of the Church, in our parish community and in experiences of service.