Lifelong Faith Formation


Be My Disciples—Grade 1

Be My Disciples for Grade 1 takes the children on a journey of faith through prayer experiences, Bible stories, gestures, art, and role playing.  1st graders have a strong spiritual sense about God and often relate to Jesus as their friend.  As these children are nurtured, they will realize how special they are as children of God and that they can express their love for Jesus in their own words and actions.  This is an exciting time to watch children grow in their relationship with God as they learn to answer Jesus’ call to Be My Disciples.








1st Communion Program--Reconciliation-Pardon and Peace, Eucharist-We Give Thanks and Praise

Pardon and Peace and We Give Thanks and Praise invite children to live God’s Word. 



Both text books provide effective sacramental catechesis that engages children using Scripture, doctrine, story and prayer. 

Family involvement is encouraged every step of the way as children journey to the celebration of the Sacrament and continued growth as a disciple of Jesus.




Be My Disciples---Grade 3

As 3rd graders continue their faith journey they begin to value the attitudes and habits of important adults in their lives so learning about virtues and moral habits is critical at this stage of faith formation.  The children begin to realize that true happiness comes from knowing and loving God.  They develop a deeper appreciation of Scripture, liturgy, community and prayer.  Be My Disciples will help 3rd graders begin to apply Jesus’ teachings to their own lives and become involved in efforts that will help them recognize their own unique gifts and their role in the Christian Community. 







Be My Disciples---Grade 4

In their faith journey, 4th graders enjoy learning about the heroes of the Bible and the stories of the People of God.  They have a strong desire to learn about people, past and present, and their differences.  Be My Disciples will help these children to grow in their faith, as they learn to answer Jesus’ call to be My Disciples.








 Be My Disciples---Grade 5

On their faith journey, 5th graders want to belong and relationships are important to them.  These young people are growing spiritually in their prayer lives, their sense of right and wrong, and their ability for deep religious feelings.  This being a very informative time in their lives, especially in their relationship with

Jesus Christ and the Church, Be My Disciples with help these young people to develop relationships and then they will be able to respond to the call of discipleship.







Be My Disciples---Grade 6

In their faith journey, 6th graders have a strong sense of fairness and perceive God as more rational and less judgmental.  These young people have more of a questioning nature in religious matters.  They want to know what it means to be Catholic.  They are growing spiritually in their prayer life, their sense of right and wrong and are capable of deep feelings of love for God.  Often 6th graders seek guidance from God in their everyday life.  Be My Disciples will help these young people develop their relationship with God so they respond to the call of discipleship.


















SPRED is a Catholic Faith Formation program for children and adults with special needs.  Small faith communities consisting of trained Catechists welcome these individuals and offer the promise of inclusion in sacramental life.  St. Peter Damian Parish is part of this mission.  The parish has a SPRED group for children 6-10 years old.  Call with questions about age.

The SPRED participants meet twelve times per year, from October through May.  We meet on alternating Thursdays from 6:00- 7:30 pm. in Resurrections Hall.  Please contact Mary Doeseckle through the Faith Formation Office at 630-830-2295 of

Visit the SPRED website at for more information about the program.