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The Pandemic changed life as we know it!

It resulted in many levels and types of losses. Learn how to understand out losses, learn skills to effectively support others, and discover coping strategies. Plus come away with a dose of inspiration as we move forward! We can make a difference for those we care about, work with, and serve!

Understanding Pandemic Losses


How to Support Others through Their Loss

FREE for ALL parishioners and staff

Amy Florian- presenter

Tuesday, October 5, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Church of the Holy Spirit

1451 Bode Rd, Schaumburg, IL

In person * Masks required * Register at www.vic1chicago.org

For Live Stream, visit YouTube channel chsschaumburg


Amy Florian is a nationally recognized speaker, teacher and engaging and dynamic presenter. Amy is the founder of Corgenius (a company that teaches professionals how to serve people in times of transition and loss.) She has a passion for helping people heal, explore their faith, and live fully. She holds a Master's Degree in Pastoral Studies and is a Fellow in Thanatology (the highest level of certification in the field of death and grief studies.)

For more information, please contact Linda Engle at linda.a.engle@gmail.com